Calculator: Dilute a dilution – turn a 12% solution into a 3% solution

A calculator for diluting a solution to get the required strength – a calculator for photographic chemicals for the darkroom.

For example the recipe you are using says you need a citric acid with 10% strength, but the one you have is a 50% concentrate. How do you dilute it to the strength you need? Use the Dilution calculator below to dilute calculate how to mix the solution to the desired strength.

It does not matter if you work in metric or imperial measures, if you use ml or ounces, as long as you are consistent and use ml for all the measures or ounces for all of them.

Fill in the strength you have and the strength you want
The original strength of your chemical: % For example 50%
The strength you need to dilute to: % For example 10%
Amount of working solution you need: ml or ounces For example 600 ml
Amount of chemical: ml
Amount of water: ml

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