Buy Nothing Day

No, no, no to Black Friday! Instead of going crazy for stuff you don’t need on Black Friday – or any of the other zillions of sales that go on in November, chill out and take part in Buy Nothing Day, Green Friday or even Circular Monday instead.

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day 2023On the 24th of November it is Buy Nothing Day, and as the name indicates; try to BUY NOTHING for a whole day. Seems simple, but can be harder than you think. Don’t buy lunch. Don’t buy a bus ticket. Don’t even buy a coffee..! Try it, it is a great way to be aware of how much we consume. Let’s face it, we already have a lot of stuff we don’t need!
Instead, rummage around at home find a used item, and repurpose it into a pinhole camera! Find plenty of examples and inspiration from Heather Palecek here:

See Heather’s Instagram accounts: @thriftedpinhole and

Link to Wikipedia if you want to read more about Buy Nothing Day.  There is also CircularMonday if that is not enough!

Green Friday

The 24th of November is Black Friday, but it is also GREEN FRIDAY. Now, Green Friday is about going out to have fun with friends and family, so, we are doing our own take on this.
Instead of buying lots of stuff you don’t need, be creative instead and make GREEN PRINTS!

Green Friday 2023Examples of green anthotypes from left to right (there are plenty more!):

  • Melanie Woodhead and Samuel Woodhead
  • Anne Eder
  • Inês Valente
  • Paul Ligas
  • Christopher Woodward
  • Teemu Lampinen
  • António Rebolo
  • Karyn Hinz
  • Michael Dubanowich

Link to the Green Friday website.

Enjoy being nice to the planet!

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