Built From Scratch: Adventures in X-ray film photography with a homemade 11×14 view camera

by Scott Wittenburg

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Built From Scratch: Adventures in X-ray film photography with a Homemade 11x14 View Camera by Scott Wittenburg

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About the book:

The host of Photography 101 chronicles how he created an 11×14 view camera from scratch and uses it to photograph black and white images with X-ray film. An illustrated account of the design and construction of his fully functional large format camera using only standard carpentry tools is presented in detail. What follows is the teacher’s quest to fine-tune his creation while taking studio portraits of his photo students over a three-year period. Throughout this process he shares critiques of his un-retouched darkroom photos, tips on X-ray film processing, creative lighting techniques, alternative processes and much more.
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About Scott Wittenburg:

Educator, author Scott Wittenburg is the host of the popular podcast, Photography 101. He lives in Worthington, Ohio and teaches level one and advanced photography courses at Upper Arlington High School. In addition to his first book on photography, The Story Behind the Images, he has written ten novels, including the popular Alan Swansea mystery series. Scott earned his BA in visual arts at Ohio Dominican University and his MA in photography at Antioch University.

The book

  • Format: Paperback, 152 pages, full color
  • Printed by: Lulu
  • Size 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 9780359607075
  • Publisher: Scott Wittenburg
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