Beginner wet collodion workshop, In person, London (Kensington), Sat 13 April 24 11am -5pm

This one-day workshop offers the opportunity to learn wet plate collodion- a historical process using silver and light to obtain a unique images on the glass plate.

1. Health & Safety Information

2. Information on wet-plate darkroom equipment-studio work and field work

3. Preparation of chemistry-glass cleaning agent, cadmium-free salted collodion, silver bath, developer , standard fixer. Note on maturing and shelf-life of chemistry

4. Introduction to large format camera and collodion plate holders.

5. Collodion studio lighting set-up and notes on exposure measuring methods

6. Presentation of plate preparation and glass cleaning methods including commonly made mistakes

7. Creating wet plate portraits/still lifes ( it will be up to you, you are welcome to bring any objects you would like to use for shooting) for as long as time allows.

8. Varnishing and various varnish types

9. Troubleshooting tips

Make sure to bring comfortable darkroom clothes as they may get stained !

This is a group session of 4 participants.

295 GBP/ person



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