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Bea Estevez photographer

Bea Estevez from Spain has been working in photography for over 20 years and is currently working in cyanotypes and lumen prints which she feels is a good base for experimenting.
From: Bilbao, Spain.
Shows: Cyanotypes and Lumen prints.

Bea Estevez is a social and artistic photographer from the Basque Country. She began in 2001 with analog photography, developing negatives, and taking the occasional photogram. Currently, she combines digital photography with different creative processes. Having tried chlorophyll and anthotype printing, she has decided to use techniques such as cyanotype and lumen print, since these processes remind her a lot of working with analogue photography, developing chemicals. These ancient techniques continue to allow her to enjoy the surprise of what the result may be.
Her passion for experimentation, games of colors and textures combine perfectly with these processes.

“The best of alternative processes are all the freedom and possibilities for experimentation it offers you.”

Contact Bea Estevez

  • Email: beaestevezfoto (at)
  • Instagram: @the_b_sides_project
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