Barbara Sanders

Barbara Sanders is a printmaker who works in photogravure from 35 mm film negatives. She divides her time between Steamboat Springs, Colorado and in Honolulu, Hawaii.
From: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA.
Shows: Photopolymer gravures, Copper photogravures

Photography has been a passion since Barbara Sander’s first Brownie camera and she has taken photos on her travels around the world ever since. Different cameras, different places. Printmaking has been my passion since university. I love the accidental nature combined with the technical demands. Harder to carry a press around the world than a camera (though my Brand has gone from New York to Hawaii and back to Colorado)!
Even her photos from Australia and West Germany depict old buildings and weathered timbers. And she continues to be drawn to “T.O.A.D.S” (Temporary Obsolete Abandoned Derelict Sites) In Colorado she is in a gold mine of images! And here she can talk with the ranchers to enrich my understanding of what she is photographing.

The new technology has enabled Barbara Sanders to merge my photos into works using very old processes: inkjet transparencies used for photogravure. Gravure captures the details of weathering and use, the contrast of shadows, textures of adobe pebbles. The play of textures and light hold my gaze. Her intent is to ask the viewer to pause for a moment before passing what may seem familiar and question “why this image?”

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