What I Owe to Analog

Peter J. Blackburn reflects on the darkroom work he has done over the years and how a manual opened his world to alt. proc.

Too Dark, Use Flash. Part 2 of 2

Peter J. Blackburn on: Speaking of flashes expelling the darkness and suggesting two convenient opportunities for getting those questions answered and issues resolved while connecting with fellow artists along the way.

Too Dark, Use Flash. Part 1 of 2

“Too dark, use flash.” Now there’s a photographic phrase which has become a favorite of mine over the years for regular everyday use… by Peter J. Blackburn

My unexpected best friend forever

It’s raining outside. In the past, rainy days used to irk me. After all, a dichromate printer who relies upon the sun as the sole UV source for printing demands cloud-free days. No sun, no prints.

Compelling color

“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Like Monet, Peter J. Blackburn is inspired by color.