Anonymous 19-7, 2022, Lexy Liangzi Xiao, chromoskedasic drawing with the recipe 1 on the FB warmtone paper

Self-made activator and stabilizer for Chromoskedasic painting

Lexy Xiao finds a way to get around the expensive shipping costs of chemicals necessary for Chromoskedasic painting. She shares her process on how to prepare her own here. Writer and photography / Lexy Liangzi Xiao | 肖靓子 WARNING: This is for experienced and advanced users only. Read the safety sheets before attempting to use chemicals and use the correct … Read more

Cuprotype by Jim Patterson

Cuprotype history from 1850s until present

A Cuprotype is a photographic print of Copper II Ferrocyanide on paper or fabric. Jim Patterson gives us a history of the Cuprotype process. Writer / Jim Patterson with help from Niranjan Patel, Peter Friedrichsen, Frank Gorga, and Alberto Novo Photography / Jim Patterson, Peter Friedrichsen, Alberto Novo, Niranjan Patel and Frank Gorga A Cuprotype is a photographic print of … Read more

Colin Knight Vandyke

Colin Knight

Colin Knight, a surgeon, also studied photography and works in cyanotypes, polymer photogravure and vandykes. From: Miami, Florida, USA. Shows: Cyanotypes, Polymer Photogravure and VanDykes. Colin Knight is a Miami-based photographer and pediatric surgeon. He initially studied black and white photography at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He’s currently an MFA candidate in Photography at Barry University where … Read more

25% discount on ALL Routledge books

Our affiliate partner Routledge is doing an End of year sale, 20% off, BUT for us, there is a 5% extra discount, using the code AFFLT5 and the link: The sale is site wide on full-price books and runs from 7th December until 23rd of January, so take the opportunity to get the books you need. The discount applies … Read more


Infrared – from capture to print – 2 day workshop with Danielle Edwards & Gale Spring, March 10 & 11, 2023 Goldstreet Studios, Trentham, Victoria, Australia

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Day One. From capture to negative. The first day covers an explanation of how infrared imaging works, how it differs from traditional photography and how it interprets different subjects. It also covers issues of camera conversion, lens selection and explains all the options to help you decide how to customise your camera to meet your needs. You … Read more