Call for Entries: Where Darkness and Light are Blue and White, deadline July 1, 2024

“In the cyanotypes you arrive in this world where darkness and light are blue and white.” – Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost The Pearl Conard Art Gallery at The Ohio State University at Mansfield is seeking contemporary artwork utilizing the cyanotype process for possible display in our space during autumn semester 2024. Our unique gallery space has glass walls that show a panoramic view of OSU Mansfield’s 600 acres of woodlands, … Read more

image with white border

Duotone cyanotypes #2 – Pick your subject

Part 2 in Matthew Bary’s series Duotone cyanotype about choosing subjects for cyanotype printing and considering the limitations of the duotone cyanotype process. With two-layer cyanotypes, color options are restricted, favoring black, white, brown, red, or blue hues. Writer and photography / Matthew Bary Following on from Duotone cyanotypes #1 – Many failed attempts, the first thing to note for the duotone cyanotype process is that only using two layers … Read more

Cyanotype by Greta Koshenina

Greta Koshenina

Greta Koshenina is a working artist who combines archival family photos with contemporary photographs to depict her own mythology. From: Water Valley, Mississippi, USA Shows: Cyanotypes Greta Koshenina is a photographer, videographer, poet, and curator based in Oxford and Water Valley, Mississippi. Cyanotypes provide a natural method of producing images that embody an antiquated aesthetic and convey a transient quality found in dreams, childhood memories, and mythology. Much of Koshenina’s … Read more

Composites calendar inside monday

Composite calendar – alternative processes

Our Composite calendar features 12 beautiful images in alternative processes. There are 2 versions available wide or tall with various shipping options. Wide format coming soon!   Composite calendar – 2025 – TALL format Order to USA and Canada: 2025 week starting Monday 2025 week starting Sunday Ledger (11 x 16.5″) size 37 USD Wire with hook top Order to Europe, Asia and Rest of the World: 2025 week starting … Read more

Sustainable options

Fill out the survey and contribute to this page, which aims to be a living document and a resource and a page containing a list of more sustainable options to some of the chemicals used in alternative photographic processes. The survey will be open until the end of May. Researched by / Malin Fabbri, Anne Eder and Henri Blommers The survey is open until end of May, so please help … Read more

Duotone cyanotypes #1 – Many failed attempts

Matthew Bary started his toning journey here with Creating multi-coloured cyanotype prints and Multi colored cyanotypes. He has since worked out his method of toning cyanotypes and shares it here in this 7-part series. Get ready to dive in! Writer and photography / Matthew Bary A few years ago I (Matthew Bary) found an article on Multi colored cyanotypes  from 2010 on making multi-layer cyanotypes. At the time I thought … Read more


Workshop: 2 day Artful Cyanotypes – CYANOTYPE ON FABRIC AND PLAYING WITH PATTERN with Lucy Perry Suffolk UK 9TH & 10TH JULY 2024

CYANOTYPE ON FABRIC AND PLAYING WITH PATTERN – learn how to cyanotype onto fabric and develop your own body of work over two days with artist and photography/art teacher Lucy Perry. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience of cyanotypes – we will be focussing on making images from objects and plant forms on fabrics – we will also look at ways to produce repeating patterns on fabric.  Beautiful … Read more


Workshop: 2 day Artful Cyanotypes – WET CYANOTYPES & CREATING VIBRANT COLOUR with Lucy Perry Suffolk UK 4th AND 5th JUNE 2024

WET CYANOTYPES & CREATING VIBRANT COLOUR Learn the wet cyanotype process and develop your own body of work over two days with artist and photography/art teacher Lucy Perry. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience of cyanotypes – we will be focussing on making images from objects and plant forms using wet cyanotype techniques and adding colour with pigments during the exposure process. Beautiful location in heart of Suffolk … Read more


Workshop: 2 day Artful Cyanotypes – PHOTOGRAMS, TONING & DOUBLE EXPOSURES with Lucy Perry Suffolk UK 14th – 15th May 2024

PHOTOGRAMS, TONING AND DOUBLE EXPOSURES  Learn the cyanotype process and develop your own body of work over two days with artist and photography/art teacher Lucy Perry. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience of cyanotypes – we will be focussing on making images from objects and plant forms, as well as developing skills in toning techniques and double exposures. Beautiful location in heart of Suffolk countryside. (£170 for two … Read more

Cyanotype by Marian Fannon Christian

Marian Fannon Christian

Marian Fannon Christian, a British/Irish artist, draws inspiration from her upbringing in rural Ireland and extensive travels. Her art, spanning ink, pastels, watercolours, acrylics, and cyanotypes, explores the transcendental and seeks to evoke serenity through natural motifs. From: Leeds, UK Shows: Cyanotypes Marian Fannon Christian is a British/Irish artist who has travelled extensively. She grew up in beautiful and primitive surroundings in Co. Mayo on the west coast of Ireland … Read more

Group Exhibit: “Alternate Paths 2024”, Lumiere Photo, Rochester, NY, 4th to 26th Oct 2024

The 4th annual “Alternate Paths” exhibit returns in Oct 2024, featuring work by a group of Rochester-NY-area photographers and artists who are all practicing different alternative photographic processes. Expect to see cyanotypes, tin types, photogravures, polymergravures, kallitypes, anthotypes, lumen prints, chemigrams, watergrams, and more! We look forward each year to highlighting some of the exciting ways artists are practicing photography today, and how the marriage between the way the images … Read more

Exhibition temp

Exhibition: Sun, Smoke, Sky, and Grass | Alt Process Landscapes of SW Saskatchewan, May 8 – 26, 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11, 2 – 5:30 pm Artist’s Talk: Sunday, May 26, 2 – 3 pm Propeller Art Gallery 30 Abell Street Toronto, ON M6J 0A9 416-504-7142   The sky is large, smoke obscures the sun, grasses rustle in unrelenting winds. Hand-brushed photographic prints of southwest Saskatchewan are presented using a novel experimental approach combining plant proteins, iron salts, and pigments. The raw aesthetic, reminiscent of the gum … Read more

Cyanotype exposed in a pinhole camera.

Pinhole photography and cyanotype

Is it possible to make pinhole photography with cyanotype? Inês Valente gives it her best shot and shares the results. Writer and photography / Inês Valente I (Inês Valente) have done a lot of research over the years on making cyanotypes in pinhole cameras and have never come to a plausible conclusion.  To begin with, for those who don’t know, pinhole photography is photography that is taken without a lens, … Read more

Milly’s Cameras, UK, Ships globally

Making film camera repair materials. Helping photographers and collectors restore their prized cameras. UK small scale manufacturer. Website: 18 Green Walk, Fareham PO15 6AZ, Hampshire

Els Wiering Cyanotype

Els Wiering

Dutch visual artist Els Wiering resides in Málaga, Spain. After a career in ICT, she pursued Fine Arts at the Academy of Minerva, Groningen. Her work, evolving from solid sculptures to airy expressions, explores reductionism and joyful minimalism, often utilising the cyanotype process to depict Costa del Sol’s summer essence. From: Málaga, Spain Shows: Cyanotypes Elsiena Wiering is a Dutch visual artist living in Málaga Spain since 2017. She grew … Read more

Cyanotype by Anna Walsh

Anna Walsh

British artist Anna Walsh draws inspiration from her rural upbringing in Worcestershire and her mother’s environmental activism. With a background in Art & Aesthetics and an MA in Book Arts, she explores human-nature interactions through cyanotype, fiction, and anecdotal narratives. A founding member of Garudio Studiage, her work is featured in the Tate Gallery and various private collections. From: London, UK Shows: Cyanotypes Anna Walsh is a British, London-based artist. … Read more

Birthday cards by Kathleen Mumma, Amy Heller, Anne Guest and Ralph Rinke

Happy 24th birthday to us!

We have a big surprise for you! It’s unbelievable, but we have been here for 24 years, so Happy birthday to us AND you. Some of you have been with us from the very start, and that we thank you extra for. We also welcome our new visitors, now over 60,000 visitors per week on! We want you to learn, get inspired and connect and over the years we … Read more

Anna Atkins tribute journal 2024 - Week starting Monday

Calendar event: The theme is Composites! Closed, voting is happening

Our next Calendar & Journal event will most likely take part in 2025 – enter your best print – next year! Our first Calendar, Journal & Planner event was such a nice event and we are holding it again – the added benefit is that we also have really inspiring planning tools for the entire year! See the images in the gallery Get ready! The 2025 calendar theme! Announcing the … Read more

Cyanotype by Brian Nieman

Brian Nieman

Photographer Brian Nieman explores alternative processes and conducts workshops. His focus is on uncovering messages within layers of existence, preferring education and unrestricted projects over corporate work. From: Los Angeles California, USA Shows: Cyanotypes, Lumen and Polaroids Brian Nieman, a photographer and educator, explores alternative processes and conversations. As a resident artist, he conducts in-depth workshops and classes, supported by sponsorships and grants from various California Arts Council, Ahmanson Foundation, … Read more