PHOTOGRAPHY REAL AND IMAGINED: Exhibition at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Fed Square, Melbourne, Australia until 4th of Feburary

Listing this since one of our artists told us that “It was huge and based on the National Gallery of Victoria’s photography holdings from 1840’s to present day. There were some bromoil; carbon; albumen, Daguerrotypes; cyanotypes & many more as well as silver gelatin & modern processes. Spent 2 hours wandering through the many rooms of this extensive stunning exhibition.” See more info:   Photography: Real and Imagined examines two perspectives … Read more

temp Kirlian photography workshop

Introduction Kirlian electrophotography -beginner workshop, In person, London (Kensington) 17 February 2024 11am-2pm

Details of event:Kirlian Photography is a contact printing technique using high voltage to obtain images on photographic paper or film, capturing the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a strong electric field, an image is created on the plate. Kirlian made controversial claims that his method referred to supernatural auras-Kirlian … Read more

Buy Nothing Day and Green Friday 2023

Buy Nothing Day

No, no, no to Black Friday! Instead of going crazy for stuff you don’t need on Black Friday – or any of the other zillions of sales that go on in November, chill out and take part in Buy Nothing Day, Green Friday or even Circular Monday instead. Buy Nothing Day On the 24th of November it is Buy Nothing Day, and as the name indicates; try to BUY NOTHING … Read more

Sefie taken by Heather Palecek's with her strainer pinhole camera.

Building a pinhole camera from found objects

Heard of the Thrifted Pinhole Challenge? Heather Palecek is running an event where pinheads are invited to build pinhole cameras from found objects, we had to find out why, when and how. Writer and photography / Heather Palecek What is the Thrifted Pinhole Challenge? Heather Palecek: The competition involves people going to a thrift store on or around August 17th to purchase something unique and turn it into a camera, … Read more

Map of alternative photography artists around the world

4 ways to connect with alt. proc. people in our community

Part of being in our community is the opportunity to meet like minded people, who don’t give you a blank stare when you talk about alt. proc. and who doesn’t seem to tire of the subject. Take the opportunity to check in both at home and when travelling, it can be a very enriching experience! Writer / Malin Fabbri I set foot on New Zealand soil at 5 am. Blurry eyed but excited … Read more

3 tools to get things done: Journal, calendar and planner

3 tools to get things done

People often ask me “How do you get so much done?”. My answer is planning. I share my method of planning, and hopefully, it will answer the question and inspire you to get closer to your goals and dreams. Writer / Malin Fabbri This may be a little off-topic, but I get the question “How do you get so much done?” by you guys so frequently, I thought it is … Read more

Cyanoroid camera pan

Making a cyanotype multi-exposure camera

Is it even possible to make a cyanotype camera? Pedro Leal shares how to make a cyanotype camera that takes several instantaneous cyanotypes in one image. Writer and photography / Pedro Leal   I made walking into an aesthetic project, and I register the experiences through drawings, and visualise images accompanied by thoughts, which I write down. But, I wanted to bring together the experience of images and thought and … Read more

Cyanolumen by Suanne Peterson

Suanne Peterson

Suanne Peterson focuses on non-toxic, darkroom-free photographic processes and draws and photographs things she observes. From: Medford, Massachusetts, USA Shows: Anthotypes, Chlorophyll prints, Cyanolumen, Cyanotype and Lumen Suanne is a teacher and avid gardener living in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. She lives with her husband, their daughter and two cats. When she is not at work or weeding she likes to hike, ski, and experiment with non-toxic (or less … Read more

Festival Revela’t, Barcelona, Spain, May 18th to June 16th, 2024

The exhibition opportunity at the festival includes support for the travel and stay of the winners, international promotion and meeting spaces with other professionals in the cultural field and specifically photography. The call is open to all photographers who have an analog project and the ambition, desire and motivation to show it to the world. Revela’t is a projection platform that places internationally renowned and emerging photographers at the same … Read more

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2 - large cover to share

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2

by Malin Fabbri   The second book in the series from World Anthotype Day “If you are looking for a resource of Anthotype emulsions, then this book is exactly what you need!” – Christopher Osborne, editor Silvergrain Classics Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2 – The collective research from photographers on World Anthotype Day 2023. $14.00 Download eBook (PDF) directly. $22.00 Buy eBook (PDF for Kindle) from Amazon Kindle. Buy from … Read more

Cyanotype by Rita Mungiardi

Rita Mungiardi

Rita Mungiardi, an Italian artist, active in many cultural fields such as theatre and literature, also explores cyanotypes. From: Treviso, Italy Shows: Cyanotypes Rita Mungiardi, after taking her degree, worked at a Graphic Art School for many years. She loves travelling and meeting people all over the world and takes the opportunity whenever possible. Her curiosity led her to explore most kinds of art. First of all, theatre, followed by … Read more

Use a daily planner or journal to stay focused on your art project.

How to use our journal to find time for your art

Unless you have more time than you need, a daily journal is a great tool to make room for art in your life and stay on track with your projects. We show how to use our journal and explain the steps to plan out your goals. As a tribute to Anna Atkins, we created a yearly journal, to showcase the work done by 60 cyanotype artists in the style of … Read more

Twinrocker Handmade paper

Questions & Advice: 800-757-8946 Ordering: 765-563-3119 Email: twinrocker (at) Website: Where: Brookston, IN, USA Ship: Locally and internationally   The dedicated staff of fine craftspeople have set the highest standards for the papers, both in beauty and performance. Aesthetically innovative, Twinrocker was the first hand mill to make a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including circular and square sheets. Papers are made in dozens of sizes from 2″ … Read more


Advance cyanotype workshop, 9 December 2023, Queensland Australia

Advance cyanotype workshop – Dive deep into cyanotype printing Date: Saturday 9 December 2023, 10am  – 3pm Place: The Grange, Brisbane, Queensland Australia Group size: 5-8 participants. Take your cyanotype skills to the next level in this Advanced Cyanotype Workshop. In a relaxed atmosphere, and a small group of participants, learn several advanced techniques to apply to your cyanotype printing. Receive expert guidance and knowledge that will empower you to … Read more

All images from WCD 2023

World Cyanotype Day 2023 – all the links you need

World Cyanotype Day 2023 is now over. 290 cyanotypes were entered in our online gallery – and really made the day. There is just so much inspiring work! We would love to get your feedback on the event, please comment below! Make a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the show. These are the links where you can find inspiration. See this year’s Gallery here: 💙 See … Read more

Two negatives are placed on a piece of cotton cloth: size approx. A2.

Cyanotypes – how blue can you get?

Ray Harris gives an overview of the cyanotype process and his interpretation of blues and shares his cyanotype process. Writer and photography / Ray Harris Anna Atkins was born on 16 March 1799 and produced the first book to include ‘photographs’ which were in fact, cyanotypes. This post goes into more detail on making cyanotypes at home. The process, in its simplest form, is to mix two chemicals to produce … Read more

Mono Lake – Black Point, argyrotype, untoned, © Don Nelson 2022

Interview with Don Nelson author of Kallitype, Vandyke Brown, and Argyrotype

Don Nelson has been actively pursuing alternative photographic processes since 1983. He now shares his knowledge in the new book Kallitype, Vandyke Brown and Argyrotype. We interview him to find out more. Writer and photography / Don Nelson What inspired you to write this book? Don Nelson: I have used quite a number of alternative processes since 1984: platinum/palladium, carbon transfer, kallitype, Vandyke brown, argyrotype, salted paper, wet plate, etc. … Read more

Perdita Phillips cyanotype

Perdita Phillips

Perdita Phillips from Australia focuses on environmental issues and works with aspects such as sound and video in her installations. From: Walyalup/Fremantle, Australia. Shows: Cyanotypes. Dr Perdita Phillips is an artist living on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja focusing on environmental issues and social change since 1991. Often conceptually driven, she has an expansive practice working in installation, environmental projects, walking, sound, video, sculpture and publishing. She has been making cyanotypes and … Read more

World Cyanotype Day 2023 it's over

World Cyanotype Day – check out all the wonderful work!

30th of September 2023 was WCD! We are now closed for entries. 290 artists from 40 (!) countries sent in cyanotypes! I mean, 40, the number is incredible! This is truly a worldwide event! Check them all out here: 👉 All of you really made the day – thank you! The next World Cyanotype Day will be the 28th of September 2024, to get notified sign up for the … Read more

Some flattering results on the first tests of BIO-ECO developments have given impetus to continue, between intuitions, attempts, unknowns, failures, successes.

Bio-Eco film developments for black & white photographic film and paper

Gabriele Coassin shares his experiments in the ecological-biological development of black-white films, the results of a two-year long experiment. Writer and photography / Gabriele Coassin Developing with Coffee Grounds, Dried Sage and Laurel The new millennium offers us the rebirth of ecological and popular photography, which today I am recovering, years later from my youthful experiments, thanks to the rediscovery of old formulas and alchemies found in a booklet published … Read more