The Art of Bromoil & Transfer

by David W. Lewis

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A book on the bromoil and transfer process.

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Book description

The Art Of Bromoil & Transfer:

David Lewis’s 119 page hardcover book The Art of Bromoil & Transfer clearly and concisely describes the processes throughly. Detailed instructions are provided for each stage of the process and special attention is given to mastering the inking technique using traditional bromoil brushes. The book contains 28 plates, including nine historical reproductions from his collection of old master’s work as well as six technical illustrations.

  • 119 pages
  • Language: English

About David

David Lewis has been working in the pigment processes for over 50 years and is considered by his peers to be a master of the bromoil and transfer processes. Early in his career David became very close friends with 6 great masters of the bromoil and transfer processes. They passed onto him the classical techniques that they had acquired from the pioneers of this rare art form. They also had many personal techniques that they had developed over the years which has proved invaluable to his own personal growth. Represented by the Joan Ferneyhough and the Washington Street Gallery, his images have also been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout North America, Europe, Cuba and Asia. In 2001 he published “The Passion Pit”, a tribute to the drive-in movie theatre and this coming October 2007 Cornell University Press is publishing his latest book with author Steven High, “Corporate Wasteland”. David manufactures a complete line of bromoil materials including brushes, pigments, presses, chemistry and his new special non-supercoated chlorobromide paper which produces a coin-like gelatin relief for inking-up!

Feedback on The Art of Bromoil & Transfer:

What a lovely book! Very informative and professionally designed. I recommend it.

– Lydia Charak

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  1. I was given a gift of 2 1940’s bromoil transfers with. D and a backward facing D signatures. One of them has a legend that a copy of it is on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian. The other was at the Willoughby Exhibition in 1948. The prints were made by David Asch. I was wondering where I can get info on these and how to care for them.

  2. It’s a good book. The author is touted to be the number one in Bromoil, I don’t argue with that, he certainly has devoted his time to it and his efforts are well appreciated by me. I will probably hook up with one of his instructional classes and probably buy his stuff, so, I would say I really like what he has done and wish him well.

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