April 25 2010 is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Writer and photography / Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin is getting charged up for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

pinhole photographs of dinner with friendsPinhole photography may or may not fit into the general category of “alternative photography,” depending on how the latter is defined, but for me pinhole shares the creativity, uniqueness, and unpredictable nature of many alt processes. For those in the pinhole brotherhood this is an exciting time, since Sunday will be the 10th annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. For the first event, in 2001, 291 photographers from 24 countries took part, making a pinhole image on the last Sunday in April and then posting it to the WPPD website (www.pinholeday.org). Pinhole day has grown tremendously, and last year 3203 people (from 70 countries) each uploaded an image. At the website you can visit the gallery from each year and search geographically. For 2009, for instance, you will find one photo from Tunisia, 11 from New Zealand, and 904 from the US (including only one from Delaware, alas, mine). The range of cameras (manufactured, homemade; various formats; capture on photo paper, film or digitally; flat and curved film planes…) and of subject matter is extraordinary, but tying it together is a passion for this low tech approach to image-making. Most participants describe the camera, f-number, exposure time, etc., so the gallery is also a chance to learn about the many options.

Image above, right: 4-26-09. Dinner with friends by Nancy Breslin. 10 minute pinhole exposure.

This Sunday I’ll be taking one or more of my pinhole cameras for a spin, and then will have to pick one photo to share at the WPPD gallery. There is no fee to participate.

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