Anthotype Day – almost there… now send in images and permission form

An entry consists of 4 items: A text entry (which you just completed), an anthotype print, a picture of the plant, and a permission request form.
Do make our lives a little easier by following all of these steps, please. ūüôā
Entries NOT following the above will not be entered.

Item 1. The anthotype print

  • Create your Anthotype using the anthotype process. No nudes or offensive images are allowed.
  • Scan the Anthotype resize it to be:
    Icon resize images square 2500Large enough to print: 2500 x 2500 pixels (square) at 300 dpi. If the image is not square already, add whitespace to fill it out to 2500 pixels, if you don’t know how to do this, we’ll help you.  Name the file as follows:
    ‚ÄúCommonNameOfThePlant-NameSurname-TitleOfImage-YearTaken.jpg” for example ‚ÄúTulip-JoanneSmith-SummerBliss-2022.jpg”. The credit will be based on this information.

Item 2. The picture of the plant or emulsion used

Take a picture of the plant or pigment used and resize it to be:

  • Icon resize images to 1080 squareLarge enough for print: 1080 x 1080 pixels (square) at 300 dpi. If the image is not square already, crop it to 1080 pixels, if you don’t know how to do this we’ll help you. Name the file ‚ÄúCommonNameOfThePlant-NameSurname.jpg” for example ‚ÄúTulip-JoanneSmith.jpg”.

Item 3. The permission request form

  1. Download the permission request form here and print it out.
  2. You can use one release form for both the print and the images of the plant; just list both of them on the same form.
  3. Scan or take a picture of the signed form and send us the picture. If the release form is missing the prints will not be entered.

Now you are ready to send us your files.

  • Send your images and the form by dropbox (free account here:, or another transfer service you have. Send only the link to [email protected] PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL files, they end up in the spam box or get blocked and we may miss them.
  • When we receive your entry, you will get a confirmation email within a week. If you do not receive a confirmation, the entry may have gotten stuck or sorted as spam. Just try again.

We hope you enjoy both making anthotypes and taking part in World Anthotype day!