Anthotype Day – almost there… now send in images and permission form

An entry consists of 4 items: Do make our lives a little easier by following all of these steps, please. 🙂
Entries NOT following the above will not be entered.

Item 1. Text information

  • Check. Well done!

Item 2. The anthotype print

  • Icon resize images square 2500Create your Anthotype using the anthotype process. No nudes or offensive images are allowed.
  • Scan the Anthotype and resize it large enough to print: 2500 pixels LONGEST SIDE at 300 dpi. Name the file as follows: “Common Name Of The Plant-Name Surname-Title Of Image-YearTaken.jpg” for example “Tulip-Joanne Smith-Summer Bliss-2022.jpg”.

Item 3. The picture of the plant or emulsion used

  • 1080 squareTake a picture of the plant or pigment.
  • Crop it square if you can and resize it large enough to print: 1080 pixels at 300 dpi. Name the file “Common Name Of The Plant-Name Surname.jpg” for example “Tulip-Joanne Smith.jpg”.

Item 4. The permission request form

  1. Download the permission request form.
  2. Use one release form for all images; list them on the same form.
  3. Scan or take a picture of the signed form. If the release form is missing the prints will not be entered.
  4. Name it “NameSurname-Permission form” for example “Joanne Smith-Permission form”

Now you are ready to send the images and the form to us:

  • Send your images and the form by a file transfer such as Dropbox (free account), WeTransfer etc. Send only the link to PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL files, they end up in the spam box, get blocked or lost.
  • We may or may not publish the work on our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. If you have included your Instagram in the form will include it.
  • When we receive your entry, you will get a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation within a week, check with us at
  • Artists are also invited to make a 30-60s video of themselves and their print (optional).

We hope you enjoy both making anthotypes and taking part in World Anthotype day!