Anthotype Day – entry form

We are so happy you are taking part! If you have any issues with the form below, please email anthotype (at) and we’ll try to help. All work is done on a voluntary basis, so if you can, please make our lives a little easier and try following the steps.

Copy paste the following and add in the box “Post content”. Keep the label, but delete the example text and add your own information.

Please note we may edit the information slightly, and may change rating since this relates to other people’s work.


Your contact information – Your contact information will not be published.
Common name of plant and Latin name of plant: For example Lilac, common (Syringa vulgaris) / Blueberry (Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus)
“Title” by FirstName Surname: For example: “Summer” by Joanne Smith
Country: For example Canada
Parts used: For example: Petals / Stem / Powder / Root / Leaves / Anything else
Application: For example: Brushing / Dipping / Rod coating / Cotton swabs
Exposure time: For example: 6 hours / 2 days / 4 weeks
Month, season and year: July, summer, 2022
Substrate: For example: Watercolour paper / Cotton cloth / Hannemuhle Platinum Rag 300 gsm / Cotton rag / Anything else you used
Contrast of final print: For example: x (Almost none) / * (Low) / ** (Medium) / *** (High). (We may edit this)
Amount: For example: A handful for each print / 2 tablespoons / 30 gram
Extracted using: For example: Mortar / Centrifuge / Soaking / Cooking
Thinner: For example: Tap water / Distilled water / Alcohol / Vodka
Layers: For example: 3
Used to create image: For example: Photogram of petals / Positive on OHP paper / Laser printed OHP positive
Challenges or observations: For example: The purple-blue petals crushed in a mortar and mixed with a little tap water produced a nice golden-toned print in a very short time / Could have been exposed a few more days.
The theme Hope: Describe how your image relates to this year’s theme.
Instagram: (optional) For example: @alternativephotography_com
Facebook: (optional) For example:
Additional information you may want to share: (optional) This could be something about your process, your anthotype or anything else you think others may find interesting. Images of your process can also be sent if you like.


Happy Anthtoype Day!