Andrew Glover

Andrew Glover

Andrew Glover, was born in Scotland, UK, but now lives in La, USA. He is a Carbon printer from shows his collection of Carbon print landscapes.
American photographer / European photographer
North American photographers – West & west coast
From: Born Scotland, UK, lives in Los Angeles, USA.
Shows: Carbon prints.

(In his own words) Although I don’t remember it due to my early age I had my left leg partially chewed off by a dog and was given a little walking stick made from a tripod leg. I guess that started me in the direction of photography!

I was home schooled and my father was a photographer by trade, I would help him in the darkroom and was given many valuable lessons about acid stop bath and small cuts on the hands. Over the years I would take my Dads cameras out and shoot scenes in and around our village in East Lothian, Scotland.

At the age of 20 I ran away from home and came to Los Angeles where I now live. My basement room doubles as my darkroom where I have made a small and irregular income for the past twenty years.

“I found the carbon process quite by accident one day in a show of photographs for sale, it was an image of Danby Mill by Frank Meadow Sutcliff, I was hooked!”

It took me two years to get my first print to come out but it was worth it. I print carbon as often as I can but it is a lengthy process but well worthwhile.

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