Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

Anthony Mournian from the Photographers’ Formulary reviews the big book of inspiration – Alternative Photography: Art and Artists book, Edition I.

Writer / Anthony Mournian

Art and Artists front coverIt will be hard not to like’s latest offering: Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I. Its 238 pages contain a potpourri of works from almost every Alternative Photographic Process ever invented. Works from 115 photographers and artists grace its pages. Remarkably, most, if not all, are all works of artists who subscribe to the website.

“A plain, unassuming cover hides a remarkable collection of work from 115 photographers.”

Art and Artists is arranged alphabetically by last names of contributors. There are several ways to look at this unusual collection, but begin by simply paging through slowly. Don’t read text, or even look at who made which image. After savoring this first taste, go through it again, looking for familiar names. You’ll find a number of Formulary instructors, among them Karl Koenig, Kerik Kouklis, Tim Rudman and Eric Nelson. Look again and you’ll see names of photographers who have been featured in the Formulary newsletter, such as Wynn White, Barbara Maloney and Ellie Young. Now take a few minutes to read the artist’s statement above images you find intriguing or attractive. Get a feel for the alternative process described. Put the alternative process in the timeline of the development of photography, and its place in the modern world of photographic art.

Art and Artists book inside
Inside Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

After you have leisurely flipped through the book a few times you’ll find you have just finished a short course in the history of photography, at the hands of present day practitioners. For many of us who may never have seen a lith print, a van dyke brown, or a saltprint, the history lesson will be illuminating, painless, and enjoyable. Art and Artists is published “on demand” by Lulu Press of North Carolina.

Malin Fabbri, owner of Alternative, and coincidentally one of the artists in the book, has published two books using Lulu. Malin’s first effort, Blueprint to Cyanotypes, was reviewed here only months ago. To get Alternative Photography Art and Artists book, take a look below for options. Lulu sells the book at $58.01 USD. Don’t ask me how they came up with that price, but that’s what it takes to enjoy this unusual and very well executed book. Click here see where to buy the book.

This review was published in the Photographers’ Formulary Newsletter January 2007. To subscribe to their free newsletter, visit the website.

Anthony Mournian writes the Photographers’ Formulary monthly newsletter, and prints silver gelatins, but has promised to do some alternative processes in time for the next edition.

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