Alina Chirila

Alina Chirila

Alina Chirila is a Canadian photographer and psychotherapist living and working in Waterloo, Ontario. She works in Chemigrams and Cyanotypes.
From: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Shows: Chemigrams and Cyanotypes.

Alina Chirila is a self-taught film photographer, interested in analog and historical printing techniques. She defines her practice as an exploration of experience, of self and other, and of the relationship with the world. Alina Chirila is compelled by film in its many different forms and ways of capturing light on it. After moving to Canada in 2009 she started experimenting with alternative processes in photography, attracted by the multiverse of colors, tones, and textures that it offers. Over the years Alina Chirila’s fascination with film and traditional printing methods has grown and it has lead her to pursue and experiment with different methods of manipulating photographic materials. She has experimented extensively with chemigrams and cyanotypes.

“I am enjoying any process that leads me to the creation of a physical photographic image as I am a strong believer in the power of the relationship we develop with what we can physically create and the many ways in which it can change us.”

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