Alexey Belov

Alexey Belov was born in 1973 in Zelenograd, Russia. where he studies at the Moscow Institute Of Electronic Technology. Alexey still lives in Zelenograd, near Moscow, and teaches math.
From: Zelenograd, Russia
Shows: Cyanotypes, Liquid emulsions, Lith prints, Oil prints, Palladiums, Polaroid transfers and Vandyke browns.

Photography isn’t just a hobby for Alexey but almost the second profession. He is an artist and a photographer, a member of the Russian Photo Union since 2007. Alexey has been using alternative processes in his art since 2003. Alexey works with different techniques, such as Polaroid transfer, liquid emulsion, oil print and lithprint, sometimes vandykes brown, cyanotype, salt print and platinum/palladium. Watercolors, oil and ink, as well as many forms of chemical toning are also used while post processing prints. Some of the images are even united with lyrics as an indivisible creation.

“Seeing how an image is born in the Light before my very eyes is the most wonderful and miraculous thing in the world. I put my whole soul into my artworks and I hope that some of my prints live their own life.”


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