Advanced Carbon Transfer Workshops

Attend an advanced Carbon Transfer Workshop with veteran carbon printer Calvin Grier.


Just you. These workshops are individual so we can adjust the speed and what we cover to meet your interests. Since there is so much information to cover about advanced carbon practices, it is recommended that workshop attendees have some experience printing in carbon or have an extensive background in alternative processes.

WHAT is a carbon transfer workshop?

A 5 day workshop ending in you being able to make multilayer double transfer carbon prints, and understanding important concepts about that process that will allow you to create your own methods to suit your own needs.

WHERE will the workshop be held?

In the Wet Print Studio in beautiful Valencia, Spain.


Limit is one workshop per month. Contact me for availability.

WHY learn carbon transfer?

Understanding how the carbon process works will save you thousands of hours in failed attempts and allow you to make wise investments in equipment and materials. I’ll also give you all the carbon recipes I use, Photoshop curves, and samples of materials, so you can make prints with minimal effort. You will also walk away with two perfect 11×14” carbon prints.

Cost for the 5 day workshop is 850 euros before tax.

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