A good starting point for cyanotypes – learn the process

A print made at the Strathmore camera-less photo workshop.

Cyanotypes are those blueprints you have probably seen. It is the best way to get started and learn alternative photographic processes. The process is easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master.

The cyanotype process is easy to learn, and a good starting point for anyone who want to learn more about alternative photographic processes. Here are some steps to take when you want to learn the cyanotype process:

  1. Start by getting the cyanotype chemicals: Directory of chemicals and kits.
  2. Next, get some good paper, natural fiber is best: Papers to use for cyanotypes
  3. Mix the chemicals and coat the paper and let it dry: Cyanotype – the classic process
  4. Expose the cyanotypes the right amount of time: The Big Cyanotype Exposure Survey
  5. Get inspired by other cyanotypers: Cyanotype photographers
  6. To get deeper into the process, get the book: Blueprint to cyanotypes
  7. Or read more articles on how to learn cyanotypes: Articles on cyanotypes




Learn more in the Cyanotype book
Blueprint to cyanotypes the book by Malin Fabbri
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Blueprint to cyanotypes – Exploring a historical alternative photographic process

by Malin Fabbri and Gary Fabbri

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All you need to get started with cyanotypes, full of information, tips and samples from artists.
An excellent beginners’ guide to cyanotypes!


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