Sarah Lycksten

Sarah Lycksten is a workshop teacher and photographer from Sweden, she works in a variety of processes including Albumen prints, Cyanotypes, Liquid emulsions, Lith prints, Lumen prints and Wet plate collodions.
From: Hönö, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Shows: Albumen prints, Cyanotypes, Liquid emulsions, Lith prints, Lumen prints, Wet plate collodions.

Sarah Lycksten has always had a passion for photography. She started off with childrens’ portraits in her living room and now has her own studio where she offers portraits and courses in analog photography.
Summertime she holds workshops in historical techniques on the beautiful island Hönö, just outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

“I love alternative processes but mainly use liquid emulsion in my work. It’s great because of the often pleasant surprise of an unexpected flaw in the picture. I am easily charmed with a new process though and constantly find new things to try out or combine!”

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