Radek Brzozowski

Radek Brzozowski is a Polish photographer with the favourite subjects of landscapes and nudes. He works in cyanotypes and gum bichromates.
From: Gdynia, Poland.
Shows: Cyanotypes and Gum bichromates.

Radek Brzozowski is a photographer living and working in Gdynia, Poland. His adventure with photography started in the 1980’s when still a teenager. After working both with silver based film photography and the digital, he moved on to explore the possibilities offered by alternative and historical processes. His favourite subjects include landscape, document as well as artistic nudes. His work has been exhibited throughout Poland; he is also an author of textbooks on studio photography.

“Why do I photograph? Cause I can’t paint.”


  • Email: fotografia (at) radoslawbrzozowski.com
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