Heather Siple

Heather Siple from Delaware, USA loves to experiment with cameras and lenses and is practicing peephole photography using the Silver Gelatin process. She also shows anthotypes.
From: Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
Shows: Anthotypes and Silver gelatins (peepholes).

Heather Siple began taking pictures before she could even use a real camera. As a small child she spent untold hours with her favorite toy – a make-believe camera with a viewfinder. From her father, a second-generation photographer himself, she learned the alchemy of silver gelatin and the rules of composition. He built a 3-foot-high darkroom space for her in a corner of the attic. The stage was set.

As an adult, Heather Siple continued to explore and develop her own style, sometimes following convention and other times totally abandoning it. Her curiosity took her from abstract, 35mm black-and-white photography, through the wonders of Photoshop, and eventually to alternative processes, especially peephole photography.

“I refuse to outgrow my childish sense of wonder at the world.”

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