Hans de Bruijn

Hans de Bruijn is an IT manager from Gouda, Netherlands who got hooked on a tri-colour gum course. He also prints anthotypes and gumoils.
From: Gouda, Netherlands.
Shows: Anthotypes, gumoil, gum bichromates

Hans de Bruijn (Amsterdam, 1945) lives in Gouda and worked as an IT manager in the defence organisation. Since he left the Fotovakschool in The Hague in 1964 he did not much in photography until 1998, the IT work took total attention since 1969 until 2010. But, the interest is there, especially in collecting ancient photographic literature. In that literature the gum print articles took his attention. He followed a course in tri-colour gum printing in Middelburg and since then he is totally hooked.

Hans strive is to bring the gum print as close as possible to the original photo. Therefore he sometimes has to bring up more than six layers of pigment to achieve his goal as close as possible. The artistic look of the photo is of secondary importance of the process.

Hans achieved to bring up tricolour gumoils as well, being the first to do that. Gumoils are a minor part of his work, gum bichromate is his passion.

“The making of gum prints, aside from working with beautiful materials, is so time consuming that it forces a person to de-hurry. And the result will always give satisfaction.”

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