Daniel Kuczynski

Daniel Kuczynski from Vermont, USA is learning to master the Daguerrotype, but also works in several other processes.
From: Vermont, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Daguerrotypes, Gum bichromates, Gum over palladiums and Palladiums.

Daniel Kuczynski began his photography studies in the 1980’s at George Washington University, where he demonstrated an early aptitude for black & white photography and was introduced to the Gum Bichromate process. In 1987, Daniel became a full-time student of Photo History and Chemistry at Goddard College in Vermont, thus beginning his research and work in numerous alternative processes: Gum Bichromate, Palladium, Gum over Palladium, Bromoil, Oil, Cyanotype, and Hand-coated Emulsions. These techniques proved fascinating and challenging and allowed him to develop his own artistic expression. Daniel applied his knowledge of photo history toward buying and selling historical images. His own skills continued to develop during this period, as he began showing his work at juried competitions and in several notable U.S. galleries, winning awards and praise.

In 1997, Daniel moved to the British West Indies, spending the next five years establishing a darkroom, teaching black & white photography and amassing a Caribbean portfolio. He returned to Vermont in 2002, only to discover that the historical photography business was struggling. The digital age was sweeping through the photo world at the time. A new DSLR made some interesting prints, but capturing pixels did not compare to the satisfaction of spending numerous hours creating one print in a historical process.

While reconnecting with old friends and dealers in 2010, Daniel discovered that an interest in alternative processes was beginning to reemerge. He decided to take on a new challenge: mastering the Daguerreotype. After completing an advanced class with Mike Robinson and Marc Osterman at the George Eastman House, Daniel built a new studio and lab, fabricating all of the necessary apparatus for creating Daguerreotypes. Already innovating the medium, Daniel sought to contemporize Daguerreian cases, realizing that historic cases were not merely protective enclosures, but viewing aids that enhanced the intimate nature of viewing a Daguerreotype. Hence, New Alchemy was launched, creating contemporary enclosures with innovative design and materials.

“My goal is to contemporize the Daguerreotype, both in imagery and its presentation.”


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