Cara Lee Wade

Cara Lee Wade, a teacher of photography at University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana is sharing her Mordangages with us, some with oils and watercolour added to the print.
From: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
Shows: Mordancage and Oilprints.

Cara Lee Wade believes that all Art derives from aspects of the self, be that personal experience, reactions of the heart, or the dark and light places in the mind. Everything that an artist creates can be traced back to a profound experience in their life. This is where true inspiration lies.

Using traditional black and white techniques, as well as alternative and digital methods, I attempt to tangibly express the circumstances that both plague and stimulate me.

Whether documenting lives on the fringes, assuming the role of the subject or an anonymous example of a demented cultural ideal, Cara tries to present the sources of her joy and her pain, hoping to invoke in the viewer an intellectual, and ideally, an emotional response.

Cara Lee Wade’s first photo class in 1998 was an elective during her senior year of undergrad… a fluke. From that first experience in the darkroom, she knew her world was changed. She received her Master of Fine Art degree in Photography from Savannah Collage of Art and Design in 2004 and began teaching shortly thereafter. She is currently Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging at University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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