Barbara Eberhard

Barbara Eberhard is a photography teacher from Illinois with a love of non-silver processes. She works in tricolour gum. Take a look at her beautiful work.
From: Joliet, Illinois, USA.
Shows: Gum tricolor.

Barbara Eberhard currently lives in Joliet, Illinois and teaches Photography at a local university. She began her love of the non-silver processes over 25 years ago. Barbara’s favorite is Gum Bichromate, which as many would know, can be a challenge. Barbara works in tri color Gum. In this Gallery are two different series.

About the series “Gum on the Streets”:
Barbara has always been an avid street photographer. The images she has chosen for this series leave people with a feeling of isolation. In this world brimming with communication, are we not more than ever lost in our own thoughts…

About the series “Gum in the Garden”:
The inspiration for this series came from health issues her husband has recently faced. These wilting, dying flowers were set in a still life in hopes of exposing their beauty, which she believes, still endures.

“There is nothing more exciting than to see the image you had in your mind come into being.”


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