Anna Ostanina

Anna Ostanina from St. Petersburg, Russia works in gumoils. She likes the unique properties of the process and working with different materials.
From: St. Petersburg. Russia.
Shows: Gumoils.

Anna Ostanina has been engaged in photography for over 10 years. She is fond of black-and-white and color printing and analog shooting monocle. In recent years, she has actively been working on alternative ways of printing. The favorite process is gumoil printing.

I have been working hard over the Gumoil printing photos. I improved the technique which had been created by the author Karl Koenig. I got rid of the chlorine elements, which strongly influenced the properties of archival photographs and replaced UV light on a halogen light, which gave deeper tones of the image. Instead of potassium dichromate is used less carcinogenic ammonium bichromate. The picture can be printed in just one layer, that saves expensive oil paints. The imprint is not necessary to retouch, it is well detailed. The process has become easier, faster and less harmful to human health and the environment.

Anna believes that it is a laborious, but very expressive photographic method that combines unique photography and spark picture with documentary photography. Through the use of materials for art works – cotton paper and oil paints, archival photos have unique properties that are comparable to paintings on canvas. Nevertheless, Gumoil is 100% photographic process.

Anna is a member of the Union of Photographers of Russia. She has participated in photo exhibitions in Russia and Europe. Her works are in galleries in many countries. Anna collects works of other photographers dealing with alternative printing techniques.

“Photography should not be just an alternative. It is important to keep in her artistry.”


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