Exhibition: Out of the Blue: Experiments with Cyanotypes, September 1-25, 2022

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, Sept. 3 CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, Sept. 24, World Cyanotype Day ​The cyanotype, also known as a blueprint, is an early camera-less photographic printing process invented 180 years ago in 1842. The name cyanotype was derived from the Greek name cyan, meaning “dark-blue impression.”  The earliest practitioner of the cyanotype process was Anna Atkins in 1843, producing Photographs of British Algae: … Read more

Exhibition: Out of the Blue: Cyanotypes by Midge Battelle, Rebecca Bruyn, and Amy Heller, 26th August — November 13, 2022, Provincetown, MA, USA

The exhibition is from August 26 -November 13, 2022 with the Artists’ Talk on September 1 and the Opening Reception on September 2. Out of the Blue refers to the brilliant and rarely achieved Prussian blue color indicative of cyanotype photography. This mid-19th century process developed by Sir John Herschel is at the heart of the exhibit. Anna Atkins first … Read more

Cyanotype toning book by Annette Golaz

New book on toning cyanotypes!

The cyanotype toning book from Annette Golaz – another Routledge publication – is here, containing step-by-step instructions and contemporary artists working with toning. As we all know by now, cyanotypes are blue by default. As much as blue is a wonderful color, it is not always suitable for the final print. Luckily, cyanotypes can be toned, and now there is … Read more

A good starting point for cyanotypes – learn the process

Cyanotypes are those blueprints you have probably seen. It is the best way to get started and learn alternative photographic processes. The process is easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master. The cyanotype process is easy to learn, and a good starting point for anyone who want to learn more about alternative photographic processes. Here are some steps … Read more