Galina Manikova

Galina Manikova works in a wide range of alt. proc. and also combines them into what she calls a combo-process. See her work. From: Moscow, Russia, Lives in Horten, Norway. Shows: Cyanotypes. Galina Manikova was born on Sakhalin island, grew up in Moscow, got educated in Jerusalem and lived in Norway since 1986. Crossing all physical and imaginative borders and … Read more

Grant application for UK residents, deadline 2 April 2022

Coward photography is now open for grant applications for UK residents only. Deadline 2 April 2022, read more here: The Richard and Siobhan Coward Foundation was established to honour the life and work of photographer and artist Richard Coward. The Foundation offers grants of up to £1,000 to promote:   the use of analogue photography the use of analogue … Read more

Robert Poole Platinum and palladium photograph

Robert Poole

Robert Poole is a retired University Professor living in Yorkshire, UK. His passion is now photography and he shares his wide range of alternative photographic process work. From: Sheffield and London, UK. Shows: Argyrotypes, Chrysotypes, New Chrysotypes, Palladiums and Platinum-Palladiums. Robert Poole is a retired University Professor living in Yorkshire, UK. His passion is now photography. His scientific and laboratory … Read more

Dan Hermouet in his "kitchen“

Cooking photography – sustainable alternative photographic processes by Dan Hermouet

Why would an artist be concerned with ways to make photography more sustainable and how could such query transform one’s artistic practice? Curious writer Miglė Markulytė interviews photographer Dan Hermouet to reveal how he cooks photography by distilling pigments from a river, scrubbing off the rust from old tools, and mixing special photo-sensitive solutions with curds. Writer / Miglė Markulytė … Read more

Angela Chalmers Cyanotype

Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers is a very experienced alt. proc. artist exploring women’s history and popular culture in her cyanotype photograms. From: Scarborough, United Kingdom. Shows: Cyanotypes. Angela Chalmers is a visual artist using cyanotype, photography, and mixed media processes on paper and textiles. She has worked with the cyanotype process for over seventeen years. Her creative practice explores women’s history and … Read more


NFT and crypto art survey results

We sent out a survey to get feedback on the idea of having an NFT or Crypto Art gallery for our members. Listening to your feedback, we decided not to do it, at least not for now. Saying this, we are of course not stopping any individual artist from doing this on their own. Read the feedback here. We sent … Read more

Anthotype Day

Does the world need an Anthotype Day? We don’t know, so let’s start with a survey to find out what YOU think. Please help us out by filling out the short survey here. Since the publication of Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants the demand for more information is apparent. Can an Anthotype day … Read more

Thank you all for 2021 and happy new year!

Thank you for yet another wonderful year full of inspiration and hope! First, we would like to thank all of you who are Supporting Members of! Your contribution keeps us running. “Thanks to our Supporting members we keep going! We are very grateful to you!” We would also like to thank all the artists that are the heart of … Read more