Workshop: Ruby Ambrotypes and Case Making, Aug 27-28, 2022 Asheville North Carolina USA

Over the course of this two-day workshop you will produce 1-2 finished tintypes and a complete a photo case to house the images. On day one of the workshop you will work hands-on with the chemicals and equipment to create a Wet Plate Collodion Ruby Ambrotype (Red Glass) photograph. We will use 4×5 and 5×7 cameras. Familiarity with Large Format photography is advantageous, but … Read more

Rose petals used to make anthotype prints

World Anthotype Day – open for entries!

It’s here: The World Anthotype Day! Read about how it started and how to take part in the very first World Anthotype Day ever – on the 3rd Saturday in August. The theme is Hope. –> Here is how you enter How World Anthotype Day started The initiative of World Anththotype Day was started here, by us, after sending out … Read more

Logo Edition Argentum

Edition Argentum

The business originated in my work as a professional darkroom printer, making silvergelatin prints for customers in Berlin. Edition Argentum is an onlineshop for analogue photography offering: – archival materials (archival binders, storage boxes, protective sleeves, portfolios) – creative materials (Cyanotype Kits, Solarfast, Argyrotype, art papers, brushes, etc.) – darkroom workshops in Berlin – analogue photography art editions – photography … Read more

Kallitype by Mitch Eckert

Mitch Eckert

Mitch Eckert pairs his photographic equipment, process and materials with the concept and express it though kallitypes. From: Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Shows: Kallitypes. Mitch Eckert has been an artist since primary school but didn’t take up photography until high school. A bb gun accident left him blind in one eye and so photography made perfect sense – one eye and … Read more

Share, Tag or Dye | Open Call for contributions to a collective-anthotype-based installation – July 22-August 15, 2022, Bucharest (RO)

Do you sometimes feel that the time you spend on social media self-promoting your work is far longer than the one you spend doing actual work and, even so, your work doesn’t really get seen anyway? We do, too. So how about we all come together and make a really loud statement about that? Share, Tag or Dye is a … Read more

World Anthotype Day – 3rd Saturday in August – open for entries!

It’s here, it’s official, the first ever World Anthotype Day will be on the 20th of August 2022—the 3rd Saturday in August. The theme is HOPE, and here is your chance to take part. If successful, this will be an annual event. Whether you are an experienced Anthotyper, or take the opportunity to try the anthotype process for the first … Read more

Chlorophyll print by Émilie Léger

Émilie Léger

Canadian Émilie Léger is an award-winning illustrator and visual artist working in chlorophyll prints and cyanotypes. From: Pincourt, Québec, Canada. Shows: Chlorophyll prints and cyanotypes. Émilie Léger was born in 1987 in Vaudreuil, in the suburbs of Montréal (Québec, Canada). She is a professional artist, illustrator and a cultural worker. During her years in the digital art field, she became … Read more

Wet cyanotype by Galina Manikova

Wet cyanotype

This article is an excerpt from Cyanotype on glass and ceramics written by Galina Manikova with information and lots of links where one can learn more. Writer and photography / Galina Manikova This is a new trend, but nothing new about the process or the idea. There are several people claiming to have invented it, or to have a copyright … Read more

Galina Manikova book

Cyanotype on glass and ceramics – e-book by Galina Manikova

by Galina Manikova Buy “Cyanotype on glass and ceramics” directly from Galina Manikova $60   for e-book.   Why buy it here? When you choose the option to buy directly from the author, the book is shipped by the author ensuring most of the money goes to the author.   Galina’s first edition of the book.   Customer rating: Not yet … Read more