Cyanotype by Youssef Amghar

Youssef Amghar

Youssef Amghar, French lives in both France and in Morocco, prints in cyanotypes. He is both a photographer and a…

Two Prints in Process, 2023  This pair of gum prints (still in process) have already received three layers of color with more to come. No added sizing. I am using only a 3% potassium dichromate solution. Colors include PY151, PO62, PG18, PV19, PR254, PB29 and PBr7. Notice the clean whites.

The Gum Printing Papers – synthetic sizing

Peter J. Blackburn begins a two-part informal “white paper” discussing synthetic sizing while reviewing two papers that use sizing and one that doesn’t! Writer and photography / Peter J. Blackburn Once again, the time has come to write about some wonderful watercolor papers currently available, which I find to work quite well for gum and casein bichromate printing. Those who have read my introductory gum printing articles know that applying … Read more

Wynn White Salt print with water from Tokyo Bay

Wynn White

Wynn White is an American photographer making his home in Chiba, Japan. He learned his craft through trial and error in the field and in the darkroom. Wynn practices various historic printing techniques including salt, cyanotype, kallitype, Vandyke and argyrotype. From: Payette, Idaho, USA, but lives Chiba, Chiba, Japan Shows: Argyrotypes, Cyanotypes, Kallitypes, Salt prints and Vandykes. Wynn White is an American photographer making his home in Chiba, Japan. He … Read more is an online shop that supplies chemicals and laboratory equipment. Alquera Ciencia SL is a distribution and marketing company of chemical products and laboratory equipment. In Alquera we work with the best manufacturers offering high quality at the best prices for each product. Inside each product you will be able to see its technical data sheet with the quality and purity of the product and its applications Website: … Read more

Anna Atkins tribute journal 2024 - Week starting Monday

Anna Atkins Journal – now in 2 formats: Starting Monday and starting Sunday

We ran an Anna Atkins event earlier this year, and first, an Anna Atkins calendar was created with 12 cyanotypes, but to be able to showcase as many cyanotype artists as possible we also made a journal – or daily planner – that enables us to show off 60 cyanotypes. It was a lot of work to make it, but now it’s here! If you want to go straight to … Read more

Ai or not? Image by kjpargeter on Freepik

Embrace or reject AI?

The use of AI-generated images in photography raises concerns. emphasizes human-created art through learning, inspiration, and connection within the photography community. We don’t allow AI-generated texts and images since what we stand for is the creativity and value of handmade art created by human photographers and artists. Read why. Writer / Malin Fabbri Image / kjpargeter on Freepik By now you all have heard of ChatGPT which cleverly writes … Read more

Figure #1 - Cecina river #1 One layer of forest green, hand painted with (mostly) iridescent watercolors and dry pigments, a clear layer to fix pigments and a last very light layer of indanthrone blue to deepen the shadows and the water. It is printed on plywood sized with acrylic gesso and zinc white. It is interesting because it is quite evident how SbQ can be used even in multiple layers without staining. Please note that no clearing bath has been used, and final rinsing was minimum, just a minute or so in cold water.

Zerochrome-SbQ – A viable alternative to chromium salts in pigmented colloid printing

Simone Simoncini and Kees Brandenburg explore a new non-toxic method for pigment polymer printing. as an alternative to using the toxic dichromates. Writer and photography / Simone Simoncini and Kees Brandenburg Our motive In this article, we share the results we have obtained with a new emulsion for pigment printing to be used as a serious alternative to dichromates. It shows very interesting features in terms of stability, shelf life, … Read more

Paul Ligas

Paul Ligas works with anthotypes, sometimes digitally altering them to reveal hidden details, or blending them with digital photographs or watercolour textures. This creates wider opportunities to explore the environmental values that drive him. From: Ledbury, United Kingdom. Shows: Anthotypes, and anthotypes digitally altered or combined with digital photographs and watercolour paintings. Paul Ligas is a self-taught photographer and photographic artist living in Ledbury, Herefordshire, born and raised in southern … Read more

CarbroGel example print. Mission Door, San Antonio, Tx by Paul A. Lehman. 8"x9". Negative 1975. Print 1999.

Novel Experimental Approaches for Making Pigment Prints

After struggling with making Carbon Prints in the late 1990s, Paul A. Lehman explored alternative approaches to making pigment prints.   Writer and photography / Paul A Lehman, MSc. It is well recognized that the Carbon Print is considered by most as the quintessential historic pigment process. However, the process of making a carbon print is challenging and requires skill and patience. I struggled through this process in the late … Read more

Take part in World Anthotype Day 2023 and your work will be shown here

Find emulsions by exposure rating. This Anthotype database of emulsions will grow each year on Anthotype Day when artists add to the knowledge-bank. If you can, please support this free resource by becoming a supporting member or making a donation. Much appreciated! To take part, open up this post and click on the link:

Anne Guest

Anne Guest is a visual artist who makes cyanotypes that are inspired by the beauty, fragility and vulnerability of the natural world. From: Birmingham, UK. Shows: Cyanotypes. Anne Guest’s art is sometimes quirky, sometimes serious but always curious. She looks at the natural world with awe and wonders and with an awareness of the increasing fragility and vulnerability it faces because of today’s environmental challenges. Anne Guest has an MA … Read more

Zhejiang Rongsheng Tech Co.,Ltd

SQB powder and other photosensitizers. About them: One of the earliest batch of professional production enterprises of photosensitive materials in China. Our company introduce kinds of international advanced automated production equipment and various fine detection instruments, while using advanced foreign technology and strengthen cooperation with well-known institutes in country and abroad, committed to becoming one scientific research enterprise. Adress: Zhejiang Rongsheng Tech Co.,Ltd in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Website: … Read more

From pinhole to print

Building a camera for Pinhole day? Get the book free – 14 left

Pinhole Day is coming up soon!  On the third Sunday in April – this year the 30th of April, the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2023 is taking place. We would like to support this day with a FREE BOOK offer – all you pay for is postage. The offer is limited since we only have 25 14 books currently in stock and only for our Supporting Members.  You can read more … Read more

Richard Bakers van for roadtrip

Kallitypes roadtrip #4 – Leaving the land of cactus and stickers

The 4th and final chapter of Richard E Bakers road trip. Richard E. Baker is on the last leg of the kallitype road trip. He already plans his next getaway and also gives a list of useful tips for fellow adventurers. Follow this series of his 3,000-mile-long road trip across the USA where he will be making kallitypes in his portable lab in his car.  Writer and photography / Richard … Read more

Lumen print by Bernd Hutschenreuther

Bernd Hutschenreuther

Bernd Hutschenreuther, born in East Germany have been using pinhole cameras, cyanotypes, developing with caffenol and most recently lumen prints. From: Saxony, Dresden, Germany. Shows: Lumen prints. I was born in 1954 in Steinach, Thuringian Forest, East Germany. I took my first photos in 1960 with a Pouva Start camera. Photography has always fascinated me, although I also made more amateur films for a while. In school, I joined a … Read more

Spiffy Tumbleweeds first camera

Spiffy Tumbleweed and pinholes

An interview with Spiffy Tumbleweed, how he started out pinholing, his cameras and a couple of good hints and tips to pinholers. Spiffy Tumbleweed is probably known to many of you as one of the moderators – and hero – doing the everyday work of moderating the Facebook group. How did you choose the name Spiffy Tumbleweed? Spiffy Tumbleweed: The name Spiffy Tumbleweed came about in the early days … Read more

Heart 4 Earth: Search for prints

Find (and keep!) anthotype prints from Ana Solo with her Heart 4 Earth project

If you are lucky enough to be in New Zealand on Earth Day this year, don’t hesitate to check out Ana Solo’s Heart 4 Earth project, where you can explore nature, search for anthotype prints (which you get to keep) and listen to nature. Ana, you seem to love Anthotype and Chlorophyll prints, how did you discover these processes? Ana Solo: For the Heart 4 Earth project I wanted to … Read more