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Where there’s art, can cameras and cell phones be far behind? Do they really serve as competent recorders of “our work?”
Our Art and Images on the Web: An Uneasy Conundrum, Part Two

How does putting your images on the web change the way people see them? Here is Peter J. Blackburn’s take on this.

Will the real Madame Matisse please stand up?
Color discrepancies are among a handful of shortcomings artists face when posting artwork on the web. Does it matter to you? What are the ramifications of your answer?
Our Art and Images on the Web: An Uneasy Conundrum, Part One

Peter J. Blackburn explores the hoodwinking tendencies of technology and the web in relationship to art and the artist.

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Making practice your praxis

Peter J. Blackburn argues the case for doing a bit of casual printing in-between more serious alternative process work.

Here is the underside of the printer showing two hinges and birch construction. Note the four square dowels which have been laminated to the bottom with epoxy which raises the platform from the table. This particular printer measures 16 x 20 inches.
A simple, economical contact printer

Peter J. Blackburn presents a simple printing device capable of producing sharp prints with ease.

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Gouache: The Curiously Disrespected Gem in Gum and Casein Printing

Peter J. Blackburn champions the case for gouache as a useful line of pigments in gum and casein printing.

Butterfinger Squared  Tricolor gum bichromate print. This is just one of hundreds of gum prints which can't be done this way. In fact, this print is just a figment of your imagination.
“Don’t Waste Your Time” and Other Pearls of Academic Wisdom

Peter J. Blackburn invites you to come and eavesdrop on a short conversation reflecting a sad state of affairs in art academia.

Anthotype book

Author and artist, Malin Fabbri, along with a team of dedicated contributors have compiled a new book filled with ideas and imagery originating from a location one would least expect – your garden!

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Putting the Prolegomenon to Bed

Peter J. Blackburn draws the shade with a few closing remarks and extends a personal invitation to you.

A Prolegomenon for Gum Printers and Other Visual Alchemists: Last Call for Radicals, Rebels, and Revolutionaries

Peter J. Blackburn reveals that stimulating nine letter word for art and offers a frank discussion as to the implications it evokes.

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A Prolegomenon for Gum Printers and Other Visual Alchemists: Criticism from a Canine Perspective.

Join the discussion with Peter J. Blackburn as he chews on the bone of criticism!

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