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North American photographers – South & mid west

David Brookover
David Brookover

David Brookover approaches photography with an open mind, heart and eyes and treats. He has his own gallery - Brookover gallery - and uses photogravures, platinum/palladium and silver gelatins to explore the world. See gallery North American photographers – South & Mid west From: Jackson, Wyoming, United States, USA. Shows: Photogravures, Pla ...
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J.F.W. Herschel taken by Julia Margaret Cameron
The chemistry of anthotypes

An excerpt from Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants. Sir John Herschels description of how light changes pigment to make an anthotype.

Surveys and polls

How do YOU use alternative photographic processes?

Please help out by filling out this survey - an initiative of Dutch Alternative Photography: The Practice of Alternative Photographic Processes Worldwide.

Miscellaneous processes

Electrotype print Richard Puckett
Electrumtype Kary prints

A description of Richard Eugene Puckett's Electrumtype Kary photographic print process.

Gum bichromate photographers

Crystal Edwards, previously Crystal Jackson
Crystal Edwards

From: Southern California, USA. Shows: Gum bichromates. See gallery

Open blog

Will the real Madame Matisse please stand up?
Color discrepancies are among a handful of shortcomings artists face when posting artwork on the web. Does it matter to you? What are the ramifications of your answer?
Our Art and Images on the Web: An Uneasy Conundrum, Part One

Peter J. Blackburn explores the hoodwinking tendencies of technology and the web in relationship to art and the artist.


Anthotype? A what?

An excerpt from Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants, and explains the difference between stencelling on plants and printing with plants.

Patinum and palladium photographers

Richard Freestone
Richard Freestone

From: Derby, UK. Shows: Platinum/palladiums. See gallery


Logo 139 printroom
139 Printroom

139 Printroom specialises in making Platinum/Palladium prints and have clients worldwide. They also run printing workshops.

Cyanotype photographers

Carlo Chechi
Carlo Chechi

From: Stigliano, Siena, Italy. Shows: Cyanotypes, salt prints and oil prints. See gallery


Anthotypes from lilacs
Finding plants and pigments for making anthotypes

An excerpt from Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants. Plants suitable for making anthotypes and where to get them.


Registering a negative for the gum bicromate process step 4
A simple negative registration method 

A simple, but effective OHP negative registration technique for gum printing. The method can be used for multiple pass single negative prints as well as CMYK negative prints.


Grey gamma on digital negatives 6b
When to use gray gamma 1.8 or 2.2 for digital negatives

Regardless of the workflow you use to make digital negatives, consistency is the key to achieving repeatable results. It’s worth questioning whether or not the original step wedge was made in gray gamma 1.8 or gray gamma 2.2.

Cyanotype photographers

Rüdiger Beckmann
Rüdiger Beckmann

European photographers From: Hamburg, Germany. Shows: Cyanotypes. See gallery
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