Darkroom eq

Second hand & new darkroom equipment, UV light sources, Cold-light heads & bulbs and Contact print frames.

Aristogrid Products

Cold-light heads for practically any enlarger. Also stock a platinum printer with specially designed tube.

ars-imago international

Specialized in analogue photography. Supply anything you can use with a non digital system.

Atlanta Light Bulbs Inc.

A good supplier of Metal Halide bulbs and ballast they also sell BL tubes.

AWB Enterprises

Camera accessories and repair: custom wet-plate holders, contact printing frames and duplicating print plates, film holders, custom lens boards, custom odd size developing trays, custom cases, repair work on cameras and holders.

Blanco Negro

Printers of alt. photo. and developers of old film. Custom B&W lab, all hand processed. Custom film processing, toning, lith printing, salt printing and photo gravure. Darkrooms for hire and film recorder facility.

Calumet Photographic

Camera and darkroom supplies and gelatin and glass filters. Also kits for argyrotype and cyanotype II and cyanotype chemicals.

Crown Art Products Co. Inc

Pin-registration sets.

Digitaltruth photo

Digitaltruth Photo

Digitaltruth.com is one of our recommended suppliers and ships worldwide.
Supply both raw chemicals and ready made kits for most of the alternative photographic processes and cameras, darkroom equipment and storage.

Doran Enterprises Inc.

Aluminium contact printing frames, from 8×10 inches to 16×20.

Doug Kennedy

High quality contact printing frames.

Edmund Scientific

Scientific supplies, including pinholes, lenses and labware.

Elemental Scientific

Chemicals in small quanities, a large selection of over 300 compounds. Sell to individuals online. Elemental also offers glassware, lab equipment, and general experimental paraphernalia.

Foto Autofocus

Second hand store for photography equipment. Not only cameras and lenses, but they also buy and sell darkroom equipment (new and used), chemicals, papers, tools.

Foto Rembrandt

(Analog) photography equipment including second hand. Black and white darkroom materials, chemicals, papers, accessoires, everything you need.

Logo Freestyle Photographic

Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Freestyle is committed to the traditional and alternative photographic processes. We carry all the chemicals and supplies you need for traditional and alternative photography.

Great Basin Photographic

Wooden contact frames from walnur or cherry, ranging from 4×5 inches to 20×24 inches.



Chemicals for alternative photography, Salts (Platinum, Palladium, Gold), Ferric Oxalate, Instruments, Contact print frame, Box for Collodion plates and much more!

Mega Electronics

Manufacture of UV light sources.

Mottweiler Photographic

Printing frames in one size – 8×10 in alder wood and Baltic birch.

Pelland Photo

Fine hand crafted contact printing frames made from cherry and poplar with solid brass fixtures. All sizes. Custom orders welcome.

RayKo Photo Center

Wet plate darkroom for hire.


A monthly magazine for new and used equipment, including view cameras, lenses and darkroom equipment.

Solar Light Co. Inc.

UV light sources and light meters.

SW Scientific

Chemicals and darkroom equipment, such as Merck and Sigma-Aldrich minimum order 25 pounds.

View Camera Store

Computer programs designed by Phil Davis for making sophisticated film curves, as well as speciality developing tubes for large format.

Zone VI Studios, Inc.

Photographic supplies, such as enlargers and wooden view cameras and contact frames.

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