Raw chemicals and ready made kits, brushes, pigments and inks for alternative photographic processes.

Ace Chemicals

Potassium Ferricyanide and other chemcials.


Chemicals, they also have offices in Germany, France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

ACROS Organics


Aldrich Chemical Company Ltd


alt photo products

Collodio-Chloride printing-out paper, offered as an alternative to discontinued Centennial POP. Complete line of products for Albumen process: albumenized paper, uncoated paper, salted&ripened albumen, silver nitrate solutions, introduction to classic albumen kits. Gelatino-Chloride printing-out paper emulsion. Wet plate collodion basic kit and silver nitrate solutions for wet plate collodion.


Ready to use, Wet Plate Collodion Kits for both positive and negative images (Ambrotypes, Ferrotypes/Tintypes and Negatives for POP) and individual chemicals. Black glass, clear glass, tin and aluminum for making wet plate.


There is a $75 minimum order for cash sales.

ars-imago international

Specialized in analogue photography. Supply anything you can use with a non digital system.

Artcraft Chemicals Inc.

Photographic chemicals for argyrotype, Cyanotype II process and the Ware print-out platinum/palladium processes at reasonable prices. Will also make kits to order.

Atelierele Albe

Romanian based Vandyke Brown and Classic Cyanotype emulsions supplier (in increments of 50g).

General chemical supplies.

Blanco Negro Supplies

Offer a whole range of FOMA photographic products, as well as Alternative printing kits from Gold Street Studios.

Blue Sunprints

Pre-treated cyanotype watercolor paper, cotton sheeting and silk by the yard.

Blueprints On Fabric

Hand treat natural fiber fabrics and watercolor paper for the cyanotype process. All of our products are pre-washed, hand-treated with classic cyanotype solution, dried and sealed in lightproof bags – Ready To Print!

Boom B.V.

Chemicals for alternative photographic processes in Netherlands.

Boreal Laboratories Ltd. & Northwest Scientific

General chemical supplies, ship within Canada only.

Bostick & Sullivan Inc

Chemicals for platinum and palladium and other processes, bromoil paper and brushes, ready made cyanotype kits.

Calumet Photographic

Camera and darkroom supplies and gelatin and glass filters. Also kits for argyrotype and cyanotype II and cyanotype chemicals.

Canadawide Scientific

Chemicals for alt printing.

Logo CJ Chemical Net

CJ Chemical

Variety of chemicals used photographic processes, including wet-plate, platinum/palladium, and many more alternative processes.

D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corporation

Precious metals, such as silver nitrate and gold chloride.

David Lewis

Chemicals for bromoil printing, inks, pigments and brushes. No cyanotype chemicals.

Digitaltruth photo

Digitaltruth Photo is one of our recommended suppliers and ships worldwide.
Supply both raw chemicals and ready made kits for most of the alternative photographic processes and cameras, darkroom equipment and storage.

Drogisterij De Leeuw/Le Lion

Supplies chemicals, brushes and pigments.

Eight Elm Photo-Video


Elemental Scientific

Chemicals in small quanities, a large selection of over 300 compounds. Sell to individuals online. Elemental also offers glassware, lab equipment, and general experimental paraphernalia.

Evercolor Corporation



The cyanotype kit, sold as a toy has 9.5g Ammonium Iron Citrate (brown type unfortunately, but it still works), 5g Potassium Ferricyanide, spoons and some paper.

Fine Print Studios

Chemicals, bromoil brushes, carbon tissue, papers and books.


Firstcall Photographic Limited

Fotospeeds cyantoype, gum, bromoil, argyrotype kits. Rockland blueprint kits.


Chemicals and liquid emulsion, film.


Distribute Mike Wares cyanotype process kit and argyrotype kit.

Fototechnik Suvatlar

Produce and expel photo chemicals, closely work with of the company Moersch Photochemie.

Logo Freestyle Photographic

Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Freestyle is committed to the traditional and alternative photographic processes. We carry all the chemicals and supplies you need for traditional and alternative photography.

Gallery 614

Specializes in the carbon process and has prozen, commericially made carbon tissue still in stock.

Logo Gold Street Studios

gold street studios

Alternative process kits, toners, chemicals, contact printing frames gold street studios also provides an inspirational resource for photographic image makers offering workshops to inspire, challenge and educate.

Available for purchase are the supplies you might need as well as a starter kit which contains everything you will need to make your first gum bichromate print.

Intaglio Printmakers

Gum, bromoil and paper.

Interchema Antonides-Interchema

Chemicals to businesses and schools.

Johnson Matthey Chemicals Ltd


José Gago Perqueira

Premixed cyanotype emulsion.

Kremer Pigmente

Supplies chemicals and pigments.

L. Cornelissen & Son

Beautiful shop sellling pigments, paint, papers, brushes and gum.

Lab3 Ltd

Chemicals and darkroom equipment, minimum order 25 pounds.



Chemicals for alternative photography, Salts (Platinum, Palladium, Gold), Ferric Oxalate, Instruments, Contact print frame, Box for Collodion plates and much more!

Logo Lotus View Camera

Lotus View Camera

Sheet film, infrared film, Bergger film, chemicals and kits.


Kits for alternative techniques, cameras, darkroom equipment in Germany.

Manuel Risgo S.A.

Chemicals for cyanotypes.


Precious Metal Salts Buyers Club. Discount Palladium, Platinum and Gold Chemistry (crystals, ACS reagent grade pure).

Nationaal Fotorestauratie-Atelier

Chemicals at reasonable prices.

Nymoc Products Co.

Chemicals. Apparently knowledgable. Small quantities available. Ships daily within Canada.

PCM chemicials product

Cyanotype and other chemicals.

Photographers Formulary Inc

Specializing in photo grade chemistry for the amateur and professional photographer. Chemicals may be purchased in any custom-scaled amount or standard 10 gram, 100 gram or 1lb. quantities. Bulk products list of over 150 chemicals includes amidol, glycin, hydroquinone, metol, liquid gum arabic, gold chloride, ferric oxalate, pinacryptol yellow solution, pyrogallol and silver nitrate.

Process Supplies London

Process Supplies

Have a few chemicals, such as Ammonium Ferric Citrate.

Rockland Colloid

Liquid light emulsion, projection-speed emulsion for canvas and wood, toners and sensitizers. Cyanotype kit.



Silverprint Ltd

Stock cyanotype and other chemicals and ready made kits for conventional as well as historical processes. Also speciality paper.


Stock cyanotype and other chemicals and ready made kits.

Spectrum Chemical Corp.


SSA: Science Supply


SW Scientific

Chemicals and darkroom equipment, such as Merck and Sigma-Aldrich minimum order 25 pounds.



Vorquimica S.L.

Chemicals for cyanotypes.

VWR International

Cyanotype chemcials to registered companies only.

VWR International


Wet Plate Supplies

A range of premixed collodions, fixers and other chemistry, also a range of other essential supplies such as tintype plates, glass and other substrates.

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