Historical photographic methods in use today - the art, processes and techniques of alternative photography

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Dr. Mike J. Ware graduated in chemistry at the University of Oxford (1962) and obtained a doctorate by research in molecular spectroscopy (1965). He became a Chartered Chemist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1982) and now studies the science, history and art of alternative photographic processes. Mike acts as a consultant to several major museum and photograph collections in the UK and USA, and has supervised postgraduate research in photograph conservation at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art, and in alternative photographic processes at the University of Derby. Mike lectures internationally on alternative photography, and has appeared on BBC Televison in the Open University series The Chemistry of Creativity (1995). Mike also has two books published by the Science Museum, London: Mechanisms of Image Deterioration in Early Photographs (1994) and Cyanotype: the history, science and art of photographic printing in Prussian blue (1999) He has recently (2006) published Gold in Photography: the History and Art of Chrysotype, and The Chrysotype Manual: the Science and Practice of Photographic Printing in Gold.

Cyanotype by Mike Ware

The history, science and art of photographic printing in Prussian blue

UK/Europe: Buy 'Cyanotype' from

USA: Buy 'Cyanotype' from

The Chysotype Manual by Mike Ware

The Chrysotype Manual
The Science and Practice of Photographic Printing in Gold
Well researched encyclopedia.

Gold in Photography
The History and Art of Chrysotype

The Siderotype Report from Mike Ware

Siderotype Report 1
e-journal from Mike Ware

Mike Ware's digital negatives

Making Digital Negatives

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