Members' spotlight - 2 artists first out

In this newsletter the focus is on artists work... we have 2 wonderful additions to the gallery, Donald Walker and Peter Voros. And, we also start a new feature called "Members' spotlight". You can read more about Members' Spotlight here, but in short, it is a place for us to get to know the artists - that are members of - a little more and for them to talk about their favourite process. Exciting isn't it!

Members' spotlight

First out in the members' spotlight are Olive Dean and Daniel Kuczynski. Take a look at what they say about themselves and which their favourite process is!

Gum printingOlive Dean

Olive Dean features in the Members’ spotlight with her favourite process lumenography. Olive about lumenography:

"The old adage “not an exact science” is an apt one: the interplay of randomisation, accident and “controlled chance” to quote Jackson Pollock is for me exciting!"



Gum printingDaniel Kuczynski

Daniel Kuczynski features in the Members’ spotlight with the daguerreotype process. Daniel on Daguerreotypes:

"The creation of a Daguerreotype is by far the most complex of all the historical processes I have practiced, yet its beauty and archival quality are worth the effort."

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New artists

Negative registration
Donald Walker

Donald Walker from Indiana, USA started out working in calotypes in 1979. He shows his salt prints here.


Negative registrationPeter Voros

Peter Voros from Slovakia is new in the galleries with his cyanotypes and pinholes.