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Getting your teeth back into work?

I hope your summer has been awsome. You may be easing your way into work by now, but don't panic, there are still some great summer days ahead where you can make anthotypes, or which ever process you prefer. Keep safe when doing it. Also enjoy the summer crop of new artists.

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Gum printingSafety first - plants to watch when making anthotypes

Using the last of the summer crop to make anthotypes?

An excerpt from Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants. Poisonous plants that should be avoided when making anthotypes.


Gum printingUsing oiled tracing paper as positive for heliogravure

Looking to add texture in negatives? Jose Garcia Fuertes finds out that tracing paper does the job.


Gum printingSlit-pinhole photography

Steve Gellman shows us how he uses a slit pinhole to make pinhole images.



New supplier listing

You Old Time BookstoreNegative registration

New supplier of books listed: Your Old Time Bookstore publish reprints from Lindsay publications and feature a couple of alternative photographic process gems. One book on Ferrotypes for example.

If you are a supplier of anything alt. proc. related, list your busniess here for free - though we do appreciate if you become a supporting member! :-)

New artists

Negative registration
Neil Souch

Neil Souch gets his inspiration from his home area and the dramatic landscape of Devon and Cornwall in the UK. He works in several processes: Lith Printing, Lumens, Cyanotypes, Van Dykes, Gum Printing, Pinholes and Photograms. See his gallery.


Negative registrationCarol Hayman

Carol Hayman is a professor from Austin, Texas, USA. She photographs people and landscapes which she realises in the intaglio print process.



Negative registrationAnna Ostanina

Anna Ostanina from St. Petersburg. Russia works in Gumboils. She likes the unique properties of the process and working with different materials.


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