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Collodions - less toxic fixing

Elizabeth Graves is back with an article on how to make your collodions in a safer way. Welcome back Beth!

We also present two books related to collodions by Ty Guillroy. Enjoy!

etting involved

Safer processing

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Negative registration

Say goodbye to cyanide: a less toxic approach to fixing wet collodion plates

Elizabeth Graves shares her favorite developer recipe, which works well with a sodium thiosulfate fixer.

Books on camera making


Negative registrationMaking the Sliding Box Camera

by Ty Guillory

For Wet Plate Collodion or Daguerreotype Photography. Learn how to construct a camera in wood, dating back to the daguerreotype era.


Negative registrationMaking the Traditional Wet Plate Camera

by Ty Guillory

Suitable for Wet Plate Collodion, Dry Plate or Daguerreotype Photography. From the basics to more advanced techniques on building a historically-correct bellows camera for plate photography.


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