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Happy new year and a bulk discount offer from Christina Z. Anderson

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Also, enjoy our new articles! Happy new year to you all, may you have a wonderful year full of good prints! :-)

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New articles

Egill IbsenMungo Ponton – A tribute to the grandfather of the Gum Bichromate and other dichromate processes

20th November is the birth anniversary of a very important yet hardly known figure in the history of photography. The Scottish inventor Mungo Ponton. 

Serebrutype prints: ruthenium and silver

A description of Richard Eugene Puckett’s Serebrutype photographic print process.


Egill IbsenOur Art and Images on the Web: An Uneasy Conundrum, Final Thoughts

Peter J. Blackburn offers closing remarks to complete his viewpoint as to the appropriate roles the web should play in promoting our art.


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