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Ever heard of "Electrumtype"... read on...

There are so many alternative photographic processes to explore. Richard Eugene Puckett gives us an overview of the Electrumtype, perhaps the next process for you to try? Or, since summer is not over yet, if you have not already tried Anthotypes, do! Below is an overview of the chemistry.

Also, we are very curious to get an overview of how you are all using alternative photographic processes. Do fill in the survey which is an initiative of Dutch Alternative Photography: The Practice of Alternative Photographic Processes Worldwide. The results will be published here in the autumn.

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Articles on electrumtype and anthotypes

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Negative registrationElectrumtype Kary prints

A description of Richard Eugene Puckett's Electrumtype Kary photographic print process. Read more.







Negative registrationThe chemistry of anthotypes

An excerpt from Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants. Sir John Herschels description of how light changes pigment to make an anthotype. (The picture to the right is not an anthotype, but a portrait of the inventor, Sir John Herschel). Read more.

New artist in the gallery

Carlo ChechiCrystal Edwards

Crystal Edwards (previously Chrystal Jackson) - who many of us know as a previos moderator on our Facebook group (thank you, eternally grateful for all that you did!) - updates her gallery and adds new gum bichromated for us to enjoy. Take a look.


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