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June/July 2014 newsletter


Anthotypes - the perfect alt. proc. process for the summer

For those of you who have never heard of anthotypes, we have an article introducing you to the process, and for those of you who already are getting your hands pigment stained, there is an article on finding plants and pigments. I hope you guys and girls get some anthotypes done this summer! Also, enjoy the galleries of two new artists.

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Negative registrationFor beginners: Anthotype? A what?

Explains the difference between stencelling on plants and printing with plants.




Grey gammaFor the experienced anthotyper: Finding plants and pigments for making anthotypes

Plants suitable for making anthotypes and where to get them.

New artists in the gallery

Carlo ChechiCarlo Chechi

Carlo Chechi from Siena in Italy is a professional photographer who is inspired by techniques such as oil, cyanotype and salt prints.

Richard FreestoneRichard Freestone

Richard Freestone from Derek, UK is working in platinum and palladium. Here he shows us his beautiful plant studies. He also runs 139 Printroom which is a commercial platinum/palladium printing service.


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