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Negatives - a positive thing

Getting good negatives is crucial to making good prints, and it does not have to be hard. Here is two articles on how you can get it right. One on grey gamma and one on registration for gum printing. Also enjoy 2 new artists in the gallery!

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Articles on negatives

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Negative registrationA simple negative registration method

A simple, but effective OHP negative registration technique for gum printing. The method can be used for multiple pass single negative prints as well as CMYK negative prints.




Grey gammaWhen to use gray gamma 1.8 or 2.2 for digital negatives

Regardless of the workflow you use to make digital negatives, consistency is the key to achieving repeatable results. It’s worth questioning whether or not the original step wedge was made in gray gamma 1.8 or gray gamma 2.2.

New artists in the gallery

Sara Jennings GravesRoger Kockaerts

Roger Kockaerts is a Belgian artist living and working in Brussels and one of the "veterans" in alternative photographic processes, active in creative photography since the 1950’s. See his palladium prints here.

Sara Jennings GravesRuediger Beckmann

Rüdiger Beckmann lives in Germany and makes cyanotype portraits. Take a look.

Can you write to save the environment?

We have had requests from several people asking how to reduce the environmental impact of dangerous chemicals used in processes. Is there anyone out there with specialist knowledge of this who can write an article and share this information with us?

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