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April 2014 newsletter


Making a living on alt. proc.

This month's newsletter is very much about trying to make a living out of alternative photographic processes and thus spending more time on your passion.

First out is Scott Barnes, who wrote a book called Making Photogravures With Polymer Plates he shares a chapter of the book with us.

We also have Katherine Fugit and her husband who operates a darkroom and studio from a camper van.

Enjoy, and don't forget to take part in Pinhole Day 2014.

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Making a living from your passion

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Scott Barnes Photopolymer bookBase exposure times when making photogravures with polymer plates

An excerpt from Scott Barnes book called “Making Photogravures With Polymer Plates: A modern technique of historical photo-mechanical printing using steel-backed polymer plates, etched with water and printed by hand with traditional intaglio processes“.



Large-format photography studio and darkroom inside a vintage camper

A wonderful story on how two people followed their photography dream. Katherine Fugit owns and operates a large-format photography studio and darkroom inside a vintage camper. She runs it with her husband Conan and call it Lamphouse Photo Co. Since last June they have been traveling around their hometown of Wichita, KS taking 4×5 black-and-white portraits with our Burke & James Saturn 75 camera and developing them by hand using a paper negative process, on-site in about 10 minutes.

New artists in the gallery

Sara Jennings GravesJavier De Reparaz

Javier De Reparaz is a Spanish photographer who has learnt the carbon transfer process by reading articles on this website. He treats his photographs like memories and dreams.

Sara Jennings GravesKaterina Bukolska

Katerina Bukolska is a self-taught amateur photographer from Prague in the Czech Republic working with cyanotypes on glass, giving the images an original look.

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Cyanomicon - History, Science and Art of Cyanotype: photographic printing in Prussian blueEVERYONE who signs up for a Yearly Supporting Membership on from now until 29th of April will get a free copy of our book From Pinhole to Print (it usually sells for 29.50 USD).

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