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January 2014 newsletter


A happy new year and The Old Made New

We wish you all a happy new year and hope 2014 will bring lots of opportunities to make good art! This month we have 2 new artists and a new book from Richard Puckett from which he is also sharing a chapter with us. Enjoy.

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Palladium: Ziatype+

Richard Puckett is the author of The Old Made New and works in the Dry Print-Out Processes with Gold, Palladium, and Platinum. He shares a chapter of his book with us.

New book from Richard Puckett

Robert PawlowskiThe Old Made New presents the formulas for dry print out -- no development, no humidification -- of the following seven processes:
The Texas Chrysotype:With just 3, 4 or 5 drops of 1% vitamin C added to 10 ml of ammonium ferric oxalate, print grainless, continuous tone prints in pure gold with a range of approximately eleven stops. With no development or paper hydration, the Texas Chrysotype yields superb dmax, excellent highlight details, and rich three dimensionality. With the uncompromising technical quality of this low-cost process, gold has finally taken its place between platinum and palladium as an expressive medium for artists.

New artists in the gallery

Paolo GuerrieroTracy Milchick

Tracy Milchick from Australia experiments with a lot of different processes. Lacking the regular use of a darkroom she experiments with vintage cameras, chemigrams and lumen prints.


Paolo GuerrieroRichard Kynast

Richard Kynast from New Mexico makes nature prints from the Arizona desert and other places in platinum.



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