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December 2013 Newsletter


Our Anthotype book is now available in 3 formats!

Anthotypes bookcoverOur latest book - Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants is now available in 3 formats: As a "normal" book on paper, as an eBook in PDF format and as an eBook in ePub format. Get the book or read more.

So, what are the different eBook formats? The eBook in PDF format has a nice layout, but you can’t re-size the text – it is like a snapshot of a page in a printed book. In the ePub format you can make the text any size you like, but the layout is more like a word document. You can read both formats on for example an iPad.

Get Anthotypes - and start making photographs using plants. 


There are of course plenty of other books too!

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