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Pinhole exposure and economical contact printing

Here is another article from Brian Young on determining pinhole exposure. Peter J. Blackburn also contributes with a home made contact printer. And, new artist work. Autumn means a lot of workshops, take a look in the events listings to find one or advertise one - free of course.

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Article on pinhole

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Determining exposures for the pinhole camera

Brian Young shows us how to measure our exposure times for our pinhole cameras a little more precisely than "bright sun" or "hazy sun".

New gallery work

Robert PawlowskiChristine Yardley

Christine Yardley is an artist living in England, Manchester. She loves to explore the boundaries and possibilities using chemicals and light. She starts off with a cyanotype and then uses mixed media and paint to finalise her prints.


Robert SchaeferThomas Mead

Thomas Mead was born and in San Francisco, worked in London and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, working in analog processes such as silver gelatine dry plates, pinholes and bromoils.

DIY contact printer

Robert SchaeferA simple, economical contact printer

Peter J. Blackburn presents a simple printing device capable of producing sharp prints with ease.


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