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September 2013 newsletter


Fine tune your pinhole design

This month we have updates from two artists and Brian Young going into detail about the relationship between focal length and the diameter of a pinhole. Also, don't forget to look in the events listings to find workshops or advertise your own - for free of course.

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Article on pinhole design

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Pinhole Design – what Lord Rayleigh really said

Thoughts from two men on pinhole design. Brian Young investigates the relationship between focal length and the diameter of the pinhole and what Lord Rayleigh thought of this.

Updates to the gallery

Robert PawlowskiRobert Pawlowski

Robert Pawlowski has added some new Oil prints to his gallery, take a look.


Robert SchaeferRobert A. Schaefer Jr.

Robert A. Schaefer Jr. is a New York based photographer working in the cyanotype and other alt processes. His work is often inspired by architecture.

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