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February 2013 Newsletter


Wetplates - now also in blue!

This month contains quite a few goodies for wet heads out there. No, I'm not talking about the rain now, I'm talking wet plate collodions. Discover how to make them blue.


Blue plate special: Wet collodion images on blue aluminum

Did you think that wetplate collodions have to be black? Well Elizabeth Graves satisfies her curiosity about straying from black to explore wet collodion on deep blue plates.

Also check out Elizabeth Grave's Wetplate collodion gallery with new work.

And, for this she is also building an Acrylic and Aluminum Homemade Large Format Camera.

Three new artists

Natasha Sanchez

Natasha Sanchez is a photographer and songwriter from New Orleans. Her love of the darkroom keeps her shooting film and experimenting with vintage and traditional techniques, such as the lumen print process. She also work with liquid emulsion and handpainted photographs.

Anna Gay

Anna Gay is an MFA candidate in Photography at the University of Georgia, Athens. The images represented here are from a modern tintype series exploring the whimsy and theatrics of 1930's Vaudeville.

Sarah Lycksten

Sarah Lycksten is a workshop teacher and photographer from Sweden, she works in a variety of processes including Albumen prints, Cyanotypes, Liquid emulsions, Lith prints, Lumen prints and Wet plate collodions.

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