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November 2012 Newsletter


Hand paint your cyanotypes with acrylics

This month you will see how you can add color to your cyanotypes with acrylics, and also see the work of 3 new artists in the galleries. Enjoy.

Cyanotypes with acrylics

Cyanotypes painted with acrylics

Egill Ibsen shows us how cyanotypes can be painted with acrylics to get a spectacular result.

3 new artists

Radek Brzozowski

Radek Brzozowski is a Polish photographer with the favorite subjects of landscapes and nudes. He works in cyanotypes and gum bichromates.

Nan Wollman

Nan Wollman goes back to the beginnings of cyanotypes and uses trees and plants to make positive prints with cyanotypes.

Emma Powell

Emma Powell, one of the winners of the 2013 calendar competition has added her work in cyanotypes and wet plate collodion, exploring the connections with historical processes and cameras.

Time to get your 2013 Calendar?

2013 CalendarFor the fourth year running the calendar competition is now here alt. proc. work only. It's jam packed full of good work to look at though out the year. Get one. Get one for your friend. Get one for your entire family! Take a look at the calendar.

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