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October 2012 Newsletter


Rebuild your old Polaroid camera

This month you'll learn how to use a Polaroid camera to do your Wet plate collodions. The 4th European Travelling Portfolio 2012/2013 is now also here to view.
As most of you already know, we've published a few books on alternative photographic processes. We want to make them more accessible and publish them as eBooks. IF YOU ARE READING EBOOKS FREQUENTLY please help us out by filling out a quick suvery.

Wet plate collodion with a Polaroid camera

Got an old Polaroid camera sitting around somewhere? Since the camera film making business is on decline (Polaroid is no more, Fuji film is still around) the camera is pretty useless, unless you take the film holder and convert it to an excellent wet plate holder. Jalo Porkkala shows you how. Read how.

4th European Travelling Portfolio

European Travelling Portfolio 2012-2013

The fourth European Travelling Portfolio, started by Hellena Cleary and Alex Chater with participants from Europe.

2013 Calendar is here

2013 CalendarFor the fourth year running the calendar competition is now here alt. proc. work only. It's jam packed full of good work to look at though out the year. Get one. Get one for your friend. Get one for your entire family! Take a look at the calendar.

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